Galveston Pickleballers T-shirts

T-shirts are individually printed for each order and are produced and dropped shipped by Printful, a print on demand company.

There are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

PLEASE NOTE: These shirts are offered for sale at no profit to myself or my company, Jan M. Stephenson Designs. There is only a small fee added to Printful’s production price in order to cover my actual credit card and PayPal processing fees.


Performance T-shirt: The print on this shirt is different from the other shirts. It is DTF – Direct to Film, which is a printed transfer that is heat pressed on top of the shirt. You will be able to feel the print transfer through the shirt.

All Other T-shirts: Printing is Direct-to-Garment (DTG), a digital method which sprays ink onto the fabric. This process results in high-quality prints that are fused into the fabric resulting in a more breathable fabric result. The print does not feel raised, thick or heavy like the printing processes of screen printing (which can be thick when multiple colors are applied) and vinyl or film transfers which are heat pressed on to the fabric.

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