Jan M. Stephenson

I am a digital artist with a style blending my upbringing in watercolor and drawing with my career as a graphic designer. Some of my work is in the spirit of watercolor, pencil, and pen and ink mediums and others in bold, graphic art style. I love creating art others can feel a connection to!

My work is available on prints and products on these leading print-on-demand marketplaces for independent artists as well as stores in the Houston Heights, Texas.

Regarding my art that resembles watercolor painting, I’m often asked, “How do you create your digital art?” I struggled with how to answer, as it’s a method I’ve developed over many years using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, in conjunction with my background in painting and drawing. I’ve taken no classes or had any instruction so there really isn’t a name for what I do. It is all created digitally.

I use no effects, filters, actions or apps. Every aspect is manually created to bring together my vision for the composition. I start with a photo or photos I’ve taken or ones that are supplied to me, often using more than one, as well as drawing in some of the other elements.

I strive to create subjects that others can connect with. It’s really what gives me the most joy. With my unique compilation of the disciplines of painting, photography, drawing and digital art, I hope my art reflects its own unique beauty, attraction and appreciation.

I’m available for commission art work. I’ve been honored to create custom compositions of homes and commercial buildings and sites for clients which have been produced as prints and gift items as well as used for promotional purposes.

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A little about my background . . .

I’ve spent my life surrounded by art, developing skills and knowledge through a life-time of experiences and education. My most important and valued education comes from my father who is an award winning artist and teacher.

I was a graphic design major in college and have taken a number of art lessons over the years. I’ve enjoyed a career as a freelance graphic designer and have been honored to have helped many businesses with custom graphic art for their brand.

Designs with a Special Story and Meaning

Houston Skyline Patchwork - Jan M. Stephenson
Houston Skyline Patchwork

What the design represents . . .
This design is meant to symbolize Houston as a patchwork of many areas – diversity, culture, business and more, as well as projecting cheerfulness and pride – the Houston community! It features the colors of Houston’s local sports teams, the state symbol of a star (after all Texas and Houston are stars!) and hearts which represent the love and compassion of the city and residents.

Heights Design Collection

What the design represents . . .
In early 2015, just for fun, I began working on a design that would reflect my neighborhood – The Houston Heights. Inspired by the tile curb street sign I see every day on my street, I started the design and as always I never have just one idea – The Heights Design Collection was born! What started with an idea to just make t-shirts, evolved into a product line that was finally ready to launch in early 2017.

The Heights Design Collection was inspired by one of Houston’s oldest and most treasured neighborhoods, the Houston Heights. The Collection features classic, timeless designs that reflect the history and beauty of the area.